Does anyone know how to hook up a second wii remote

Its a work in process and I didnt get it to work for me yet but this may very well be the future alternative to PPJoy if you use a x64 based OS. You can actually pair a Wiimote to your computer very easy with no mods or special software. A Wiimote will show up as Nintendo RVL – CNT I believe the 01 will change one digit for each additional Wiimote you pair, so yes its totally possible to use 2 controllers at once for 2 player games. This is what it looks like for me using the Toshiba BT stack since I have already added the device in the past and saved it: When you have actually connected to the device and are currently paired with it, it will look like this: Now the BT Stack is the software side of things, this is the Toshiba stack.

How to Set Up Your Steam Link for PC Gaming on Your TV

Please make sure your smart device and the PC are in the same network, if you are not sure, try open the command line on PC and ping your smart device’s IP address. Why cannot i connect my device to PC? How to edit the exsited layout?

Most people own a Wii system, or at least have seen the infamous Wiimote that serves as the controller for the console. What most people have overlooked is that this handy piece of .

Since the Wii remote and console uses Bluetooth to communicate, the Wii remote is also able to pair up with other Bluetooth devices…such as a Bluetooth adapter running on Windows XP. Previously websites had reported the ability to pair a Wii remote with Windows, but without a game controller driver the remote was useless. GlovePIE grabs information directly from the remote and translates button presses to keyboard strokes. Current support is fairly limited: GlovePIE recognizes the remote’s buttons and can supposedly read the controller’s accelerometer though I couldn’t get the latter to work.

The nunchuck attachment is not currently supported, though future support is likely. If you’re successful, three LEDs will be flashing on the Wii remote.


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Posts There is the concept of emulated Wiimote and a separate concept of native Wiimote support. The first is what the game sees when emulated, the second is for when you have a real wiimote. Emulated wii remote by Cemu: Native wii remote by Cemu: Note that in the current version both appear to be incomplete in development and I don’t know exactly which games are supported with the emulated wiimote but you can try your luck. I know the native remote support of Cemu often doesn’t work either; a reboot might help, I don’t now.

Now, when you don’t use the native remote support of Cemu, you can use other third party tools, either with an emulated Wiimote or with other emulated Controllers. My software found on my signature is one of those tools. It’s useful for giving motion data to the emulated GamePad but it’s also for generic XInput emulation. In all cases you need either a bluetooth adapter a generic CSR 4. When using a bluetooth adapter, the device should be paired with windows.

That can be done either with generic windows tools or third party tools. Last edited by epigramx;

How to Use Your Nintendo Wii Remote with Windows 7

To a PC gamer, there is nothing more perfect than a keyboard and mouse. But don’t count out the gamepad just yet. Console controllers can come in handy from time to time; we’ll show you how to hook your current-gen gamepads to your Mac or PC. Tweet To a PC gamer, there is no control scheme more perfect than a keyboard and mouse. First person shooters and real time strategy games are ruled by those with a pointer in hand, and anything less precise is simply unacceptable.

So, hang onto your mouse pads, folks, because what we’re about to suggest to you might seem a little heretical.

This driver, called HID Wiimote, was developed and elementary implemented as my bachelor thesis in a 6-month period. What is it? When you normally connect your Wii Remote to a PC using Bluetooth, you can’t use it properly out of the box.

Apple HomePod The Good Revolutionary controller design offers unique motion-sensitive gameplay options; built-in Wi-Fi delivers free online services and gameplay; Virtual Console has major nostalgia appeal; compatible with all GameCube games and controllers; built-in SD slot for storage and photo viewing; latest bundle includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort games, plus MotionPlus attachment; compatible with Netflix video streaming.

The Bad Controller eats batteries and takes some time to get used to; online gaming and community features hobbled by horrible “friends code” system; lacks the advanced HD graphics and surround sound found on the Xbox and the PS3; requires a wired receiver unit placed near the TV to interface with wireless controllers; can’t play CDs or DVDs; lacks a steady stream of compelling game releases compared to rival consoles.

The Bottom Line If you don’t mind the dearth of HD graphics, the Nintendo Wii’s combination of motion-sensitive controllers, included Wii Sports titles, and emphasis on fun gameplay make the ultra-affordable console hard to resist.

Connect a wiimote to an arduino

This places the Steam Link in a similar price band to the comparatively low-tech alternatives, while offering a full games console experience, using your Steam library. Better still, the Steam Link is remarkably simple to set up. More on that in a moment. This makes the Steam Link ideal for traveling although making every package identical is probably a cost-saving measure.

By using the internal Bluetooth wireless link, you can connect your Wiimote to your PC (any OS), and use it with a wide range of applications already made for the Wiimote. When that shows up on the screen, press the 1+2 buttons again and then right click the Wiimote icon and choose Refresh Services.

A text-based game that will work in Windows with screen readers. The original game was created in for DOS. Destination Mars is a game that presents you with the challenge of successfully travelling from Earth to Mars. You must avoid such dangers as excessive damage to your ship, running out of fuel, being vaporized by space aliens, crashing your ship, and others.

If you blast off successfully, you will begin the thirty five million mile trip to Mars. This produces a number from 1 to Your ship then travels two hundred thousand miles times this number. For example, if you spin a 6, you travel one million, two hundred thousand miles toward Mars on that spin of the wheel. Each spin of the cosmic wheel presents you with a situation.

Most of the situations require you to make a choice. You will be prompted in such cases to press A letter.

The Toids World

Jul 31, 2 I think Nintendo wants options. If you make 1 brand new console, liking going from GC to Wii, your basically dedicating everything you do to that 1 style. Connecting controllers on side of a Wii U tablet doesn’t mean people gonna make games that use them on and off the tablet. Wii U banked on the collection already built, and went on to try new style. I think by keeping 3DS in tact, and maintaining Wii U a couple years, that they introduce a 3rd piece to their family, a 3rd style of gaming Nintendo can make games for.

To connect the Wii-Remote press button 1 and 2 simultaneously or use the red sync button. This will make finable by any other Bluetooth device. Let your PC search for devices and select “Nintendo RVL-CNT” from the list of found devices.

Twitter Advertisement How do you prefer to interact with your computer? Personally, I use a trackball and keyboard, for gaming as well as standard use, and there are many Windows computer owners who prefer to do the majority of their work using a graphical tablet and stylus. In order to get started, you will need the following: A USB device should self-install on Windows 7, although you may need to install drivers from a disc.

Success with this depends on the Bluetooth receiver; some are unsuitable for accepting connections from a Wiimote. As such, you will need to do some testing. Before proceeding, please be aware that some USB Bluetooth adaptors will be unsuitable for this task. Whether or not the following steps work will depend on the build and chipset of the device you are using. Similarly some on-board Bluetooth receivers may prove problematic. Connecting Your WiiMote To find out whether or not your Bluetooth is capable of communication with your Wiimote you will need to attempt to establish a basic connection.

With the device successfully connected you can then begin configuration! Note that you will need to restart Windows in order to proceed. BlueSoleil requires a


Mar 8, 4 You can get it to work. First, you need to get a bluetooth adapter for your PC. Be sure to use the 6. Next, install GlovePIE and run it.

Now to hook up your devices. We’ll start with the basic Wii remote, or “Wiimote.” There’s only one way of doing it, but there are varying numbers of steps, depending on your software.

August 24, , The bar is about 8. I’m not sure if it’s necessary or not. So far I’m Impressed. I plugged the bar in and drivers loaded instantly. I don’t own a Wii and am not used to syncing controllers. It took me a few tries to get it synced, but that could have had something to do with my inexperience. Once synced, it automatically resynced after turning the gun on and off as well as unplugging and replugging the DolphinBar. Once synced, aiming the gun moves the mouse pointer.

I do not see a way to calibrate anything outside of the emulator. The Walther P99 Wii controller I’m using was released before wii plus controllers came out. I don’t think it’s quite as accurate as an AIM-Trak, but it’s not too far off. I can’t really comment too much on this until I have a chance to calibrate it in an emulator. I do not see any way to remap the keys it posts.

Guitar Hero 3 Wii Guitar with PC

It even references classic lines: I can’t get in. Didn’t they teach you how to pick locks at the academy? Most, but not all weapons; the Striker is an exception, so is the TMP. You can actually see that nine on the model.

How To Connect Your Wiimote To Your PC. DIY. How To Connect Your Wiimote To Your PC. Christian Cawley August 8, 5 minutes. How To Connect Your Wiimote To Your PC If you own a Nintendo Wii or have access to a Wiimote (they can be picked up relatively inexpensively from eBay or pawnbrokers) then you will be able to take.

So the Raspberry Pi with RetroPie is up and running, a lot of oldschool games are waiting to be played. But which Gamepad is the best to use? Here comes a list of experiences I made with each one: There are different sites explaining how it is possible to create a connection, I think the best is posted by Stanislav Kopp , who himself seems to have translated a japanese tutorial.

There also is a very detailed PDF manual for the sixad software online. After some problems with my Bluetooth dongle I was easily able to integrate the controller into RetroPie. I made the following experiences: The connection is stable. It seems to be no problem to connect more than one controller Xbox Controller for Windows Wireless Instead of a Bluetooth dongle this controller brings its own USB receiver.

There is a good tutorial in the RetroPie wiki itself. The integration into RetroPie was as easy as with the Playstation controllers. However I had one big problem:

How to Easily Connect Wiimote to Dolphin 5.0 (Dolphin Wii/GC Emulator)