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I definitely want to go K24a2 in the CB this time. Here are my plans.. K24a2 longblock, complete ported and upgraded head and IM, with a set of pistons with a little comp bump in the block. Not looking for a redline over rpm. Also take a mile trip a few times a year so reliability will be a big deal. I’ve seen two of these swaps done by members on here but they haven’t been on in months. Experiences with certain part successes also. Mounts and axles with be purchased from Hasport and shifter cables from AFH. Thanks in advance guys!! So sounds like you just need to do it:

VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Wiring:

The new Honda Civic 1. Haven’t we already reviewed this car? Yes, we have recently reviewed the new headline-grabbing Civic 1. This model you are looking at comes amidst much less fanfare. Its innards are more familiar and traditional – a 1.

Listed below is the vehicle specific wiring diagram for your car alarm, remote starter or keyless entry installation into your Honda information outlines the wires location, color and polarity to help you identify the proper connection spots in the vehicle.

A terrible combination of rap music and bad 80’s rock ballads are blasting through the speakers, strobes are popping off left and right, and Amber Jung, a saucy young female who has joined us on this year’s Tour is telling me how great her boyfriend Dean Cristofori’s car is. I nod as if interested, but with the constant bombardment of female entertainers in the room and the occasional liquid refreshment, one should not be blamed for answering with nods and smiles.

We are reaching the wee hours of our overnight stop in North Carolina, but the only thing I can think of is how great the feeling will be once I get some shut eye. Let’s talk tomorrow morning. As the night turns into day and my stomach begins to hate me because of what I did to it just hours before Can I get a “Whoa Team Waffle House? On cue, we all exchange pleasantries sluggishly, but in a flash I’m reminded of more about last night than breasts and liquid-induced gag reflexes.

There’s that Prelude, staring me in the face. It’s the one people whispered to me, ” horsepower. But those power ratings seem off. A gutted Civic hatchback with a built B18? Maybe, but the H22? Seeing how Preludes weren’t being modified as much as the other Honda models, Dean still found plenty of promise with this black sheep chassis.

JDM H22A Engine

Refer to break-in article HERE. Good question Jeff, glad you asked that! Here is a list of what you need: There are positives to both, but I am going to have to give the nod to the dynapack for a few reasons. The primary reason is that it is much easier to tune a car for light, normal driving on it, and much more precise.

For full throttle, they are both equal.

Jdm Honda Prelude H22a l Dohc Obd2 Automatic Vtec Ecu p5m-n51 Ecm Jdm – $ Jdm Honda Prelude H22a l Dohc Obd2 Automatic Vtec Ecu p5m-n

Send your letters to: I love the mag, but in the April issue you made a mistake in response to a reader’s letter, entitled “No Replacement for Aluminum. I’ve done it myself. Use the crank, rods and pistons from a D17A1 and-up Civic. The bottom of the cylinders need to be notched a little bit to let the longer rods clear the cylinder wall. You also need to use the cam and cam gear if you don’t want to take half a tooth off. The same can be done between the D16Z6 and D17A2 engines. Turbocharge Me I understand it’s possible, but it’s not always the best means to a Honda enthusiast’s ends.

Stroking a D-series moves them even farther away from what we’ve come to expect from a Honda motor built from the factory or by the aftermarket with performance in mind. In hindsight, I should have addressed this setup as a possibility in the last installment. I’d should make it very clear here that I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m told I can’t use the stock mounts from either the EW- or D-series engines.

Then I heard that I can use the D-series mounts or even those from a first-gen Integra.

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How do you replace a fuel pump for a Honda CRX? If you will look in the trunk area, I think you will find an access plate for the fuel pump. If not, the tank will have to be removed. Jack up the back end and support with stands.

With the clutch and brake pedals installed there were some new electrical connectors to hook up. The new brake pedal’s switch was the same as the old one, .

Why keep throwing parts at your car if it will never gain any real power. Short of a turbo or nitrous kit, there is no more effective way to increase your Civic’s horsepower. In later posts I will discuss how to make more power with whatever motor you have, but today I will talk about what motors can make you more power. One thing to keep in mind is the laws regarding swaps in your area. Before embarking on any project make sure the motor you choose is legal.

Most municipalities require that the motor in your car is the same year or newer than the motor you are replacing. Also, they may require you to carry over all emission components. The easiest way is to purchase an obd1 motor to put in your obd1 car. If your car doesn’t already have vtec the cheapest way gain vtec is with the sohc vtec d16z6 found in Del Sol Vtec’s, Civic EX’s, and Civic Si’s.

Rated at hp it can give your car a healthy boost. These motors can be found very cheap. Add in the fact that no special parts are needed and it is a very cheap swap.

H22a4 Wiring Harness. Wiring. Wiring Diagrams Instructions

I chose to mount it at eye level and on the same plane as the steering wheel. Peel the door seal back so you can see the pressure clips holding the A pillar. Pop these clips using a panel popper. Be careful not to damage the factory wiring running up the A pillar. Also check to see what’s on the other side of your hole before you drill it out. Run the harness with the white, blue, red, and black wires through the hole leaving a few inches for slack but not so much that it can’t be tucked under the gauge pod.

genuine honda vtec solenoid gaskets upper & lower prelude dohc vtec h22a.

Assuming you have one, your power supply also called a power inserter will have two coaxial cable connections—one labeled SWM, the other labeled IRD. If you have only one receiver to connect, simply connect the IRD output of the power supply to your SWM-compatible receiver. If you have two receivers to connect, then you have two options: If you are not using the SWM2 port, be sure to keep the metal cap terminator connected.

If you are using multiple receivers, do not power them on at once. Rather, power them on one at a time, letting the first start acquiring satellite signal before powering up the next. What are the Flex Ports for? These are used in DIRECTV installations that have more than one dish such as an international dish or, in certain markets, where a separate dish is required for local channels. The SWM has an input for an off-air antenna.


I’m in this same spot now. This thing used to run, but knowing that my ignition coil wires are just laying on the shock tower makes me nervous, and I would feel better actually connecting them to something. This actually explains why the tach never worked, and they had installed one of those rice tachs. I have the external coil wires, and the external ignitor. I’m thinking I need to use your diagram and route them into the dizzy.

It makes me nervous that it used to run, meaning that things were probably wired differently since none of those wires have been touched.

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Another H22 1st gen odyssey questions and advises from ody pro Hey guys, Got my 96 odyssey last year due to a growing family, I’m always a Honda freak guy, whatever or whoever talk to me about cars, all I can say is just about Honda. Anyway long story short, its been a great van for the last year, but sadly I really feel the ody so under power when it goes up on the hill or even cruising and taking off I live in Vancouver, BC, lots of uphill around where I live.

I’ve been searching enough for doing this swap, about mounts, hoses, axles, harnesses yada yada yada I got all the answer for it since 1st gen ody is just like a accord with a different body, now the only thing that stuck me up from doing the swap is what ECU that I need to run to stay automatic I have to stay automatic because the wife is the one that drive the van most of the time. Now, my real question is, have anybody done this way before?

Or is there any other way of doing it?

Where do you hook up an OBD reader on a Honda CRX

Where is the diagnostic connector on a Honda Accord? If you have the LX-i model, then you can check the computer for trouble codes. It’s located under the driver’s seat. Turn the k…ey to the “run” position but don’t start the engine , and you can count the number of times the red LED blinks on the computer to find out the trouble code. Once you have the code, you can look up the meaning online, or ask your Honda dealer to look up the value for you.

Kit includes RRP Intercom, cables, and H22 Over-the-Head headsets with PTT and dynamic noise-cancelling mic to complete your communication setup. With the total RF blocking housing and clear filtered audio circuit, the RRP has the clearest in car and car to car communications.

Find a suitable car. It’s best to purchase your first racecar already put together. But if you decide to build one, here are some tips. Watch the races and see what the fast guys are driving, chances are they have already researched different makes and models and are racing a style of car for a reason. Experience suggests GM and Chrysler are the best cars to race with because the front suspension of both of them is adjustable for camber and the entire front suspension is mounted on a cradle.

Being on a cradle allows you to replace it if you bend it. You should look to spend a small amount of money on a car because you will be removing everything out of it. Look for a car that has been taken care of and not rusted out. A rusted car will take a lot of repair before being able to weld in a roll cage. Be sure to look under the car and check for rust.

Accords and a F20B swap question.

I know quite a bit about these myself so I’d be happy to answer whatever questions I can. First of all, you got one helluva steal on that motor. If it’s a true type-S, it should have a engine block coe of H22A. That’s the same for just about all JDM H22’s though so you gotta look for other signs to see if it’s legit. It should have what appears to ba a typical dual runner H22 intake manifold with butterflys not the single runner but is actually a slightly modified manifold which is easiest to identify my measuring the TB opening.

Swapped and Boosted Honda Civic D15/D16/ D17 Vtec/ Non Vtec Turbo System – The Honda badge is almost always at the top of the food chain when it comes to affordable four-cylinder performance. One of the hardest-hitting and popular Honda platform’s is the Civic and for good reason. The Civic platform has an endless variety of performance upgrades available for it.

Acceleration mph for the 4-cylinder models is improved around the mid second mark , with comparable fuel efficiency to its predecessor: The LX and EX engines produce less than 0. In California, the Accord EX with the available automatic transmission will produce less than 0. The five-main bearing block is high-pressure die-cast from aluminum alloy. The walls of the block extend below the centerline of the crankshaft, which helps stiffen the bottom end.

FEM Finite Element Method computer analysis was used to arrive at optimum thicknesses for the block ribs and walls in order to minimize engine vibration. Additional bottom-end rigidity comes from a larger, stronger bearing-cap beam that ties directly into the cylinder-block skirt. An aluminum-alloy stiffener has been added between the transmission case and the block, just behind the bearing carrier. The stiffener serves to tie the block and transmission together into a single, reinforced unit.

FEM was also used to design this stiffener so that it would not only stiffen the area, but also help minimize high-frequency engine vibration. Finite-element analysis of the Accord’s piston design by Honda engineers yielded a new ultra-short, lightweight skirt design, which is very rigid and resistant to vibration and piston slap. Like the V-6 engine the pistons are gravity-cast aluminum alloy and utilize full-floating wrist pins in order to minimize noise.

The engine’s drop-forged single-plane steel crankshaft and connecting rods have been designed to be stronger and operate with less friction, much like the V-6 components. The I-section, drop-forged steel connecting rods have a completely new design and are considerably lighter than their predecessors g vs.

Motor Swaps for the Honda Civic

New Swap H23a1 to Jdm h22a inernal coil help please. Hope you can help me. Im new to this forum and hondas in general.

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After this you should have full VTEC capabilities. You’ll hear a distinct sound when the VTEC comes on. One final note on the ECU, make sure the p13 you buy is for your respective tranny; the automatic ECU is not made for a manual transmission. You will notice that in the A4 and D6 slots there already exists a green and yellow, and a light blue wire.

If this is the case, then it is easier for you. It’s near the area where your intake pipe crosses the battery and the strut tower. You will find a green and yellow wire that comes out of a bundle of wires. It doesn’t connect to anything. You can either use that connector, or splice the wire. The pressure switch light blue wire is near the fuse box. In that one of the two bundles of wires that comes out of the firewall, to the right of the fuse box, you will find a light blue wire.

You’ll know its the pressure switch wire because it connects into a terminal but doesn’t come out of the other side.

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