Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm 3. SNSD once left home without Tiffany by accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings 5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members 6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm. Fany is obsessed with the color pink. Fany likes to cry. Then she quit after 3 days. Tiffany is only unlucky that her mistakes in their performances are always the one captured by the camera… When Tiffany gets excited, her pitch becomes high like an ambulance siren.

We’re not dating!

Entertainment , to pursue vocal lessons. During the next year, Taeyeon accompanied her father from their hometown to Seoul on every Sunday to receive her vocal lessons from The One. In a interview, he described Taeyeon as a “smart” student, someone “unlike others who came to him with dreams of becoming a celebrity

2 snsd members dating each other jamie strachan dating Thought that im gonna hold. Tbh snsd members “by giving each sometimes i it. Tbh snsd members “by giving each sometimes i it. American pop is a .

Posting anything about Girls Generation in this blog: Sunny was born in United States, and later moved to Kuwait. But, then her family moved back to South Korea because of the Gulf War. Sunny bunny’s height is cm 3. Sunny is the Fake Maknae. Sunny is only 2 CM shorter than taengoo making Her the shortest in the group. Sunny is the cutest member Sunny hates her name Sunkyu. Sunny Loves to play video games in her nintendo ds: Sunny shares the same birthday as her 2 or was it 3?

In , Sunny entered Starlight one of SM Academy and became a trainee for 5 years before transferring to Starworld where she became a member of a duet called “Sugar” which never debuted. SNSD members can’t stand Sunny’s aegyo. A conclusion has been made that the reason for this is that because they are always with sunny that they got immune to her Aegyo. Sunny can catch chicken!


It was Li Yin who told Chun to deny her existence. She wanted to live a low-profile life, and I respected her decision. I wanted to guard her well. I had no choice but to lie in order to protect our relationship.

SNSD have actually been truthful on the fact they do not always get along with each other. Yet this question keeps popping up as if they had never answered it. Some of their fights they had spoken of publicly and which I remember offhand: 1) Taeyeon and Tiffany – fought on the day before they were supposed to perform a duet at a concert.

June 9, – August 4, September 18, – present They began dating June 9, after they practiced alone together. They sat and talked for awhile, which ended up escalating to whom they admired in the company. Bohui confessed she liked Yoona, which left her really confused until Bohui explained being LGBT and how she only liked women, and Yoona ended up confessing she felt the same way.

It was a really cute exchange. While Yoona is older, she really relies on Bohui, and Bohui makes it her right to care for Yoona. They are a very sexy combo, but have fun personalities. They consummated their relationship in the October of Yoona was mad at Bohui when she decided to leave. She ended up saying very hurtful things which resulted into the end of the first part of their relationship. On August 4, , it ended because of an argument.

Taeyeon and Jessica a couple

Although her real name is Stephanie, her mother preferred the name Tiffany and thus became her stage name. Jessica’s dad is a boxer, so that probably explains her violent side. Apparently she’s good at soccer too, so that explains why she likes to kick things so much. Sooyoung gave Hyoyeon the nickname “Princess Fiona” after she returned from China because she’d gained some weight. Hyoyeon thought it was nice because she was being called a princess, and only when she looked it up she realized it meant something else People suspect that her parents divorced when she was younger which is why her mom is never brought up.

2 Members Of Snsd Dating Each Other. Scary Dating Profiles! Whilst being old they act immature and the scene where 2 members of snsd dating each other her dress is falling apart and the guy picks up the is he just a hookup quiz string made me fall of my chair laughing.

In fact, she may end up doing most of the saving for the unlikeliest of people. She was always tormented by her stepmother and stepsisters. I wish someone would tell them to drop their high and mighty act! She ends the story with a lesson: Ha-won is all smiles riding on her moped. She admires the view of college boys playing basketball on the courts before she delivers their pizza to them. Ha-won witnesses a man in front of her dismount his motorcycle and beat four guys to a pulp before reclaiming a purse.

She offers to repay him, but he zooms off on his motorcycle. Ha-won scoffs at the metaphor, but is glad to know that decent guys still exist. Unfazed, Ji-woon retorts that he may become the company heir, which causes Hyun-min to scoff. Hyun-min marvels at his audacity.


SM Entertainment is known expressly forbids dating a fellow artist admitted after exposing Dispatch date photos of both. The media are now releasing answering questions about the relationship Tae Yeon and Baekhyun. Since when Tae Yeon and Baekhyun like each other? They first met in when Baekhyun so SM Entertainment trainee.

In April , SM Entertainment confirmed that Yuri and Hanshin Tigers’ pitcher Oh Seung Hwan were dating and met each other through an acquaintance a year before. Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan’s Dating Style. Just like other couples, both Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan went on several dates together.

He was quickly labelled by netizens as immature and like a junior high student. However, was this action really immature and irresponsible for him to take? Taeyeon actually apologized to her fans at an airport. Though suffering some backlash, they have been pushed through and are generally accepted. These couples seem to be made up of older idols whose fans have been able to grow up and pursue relationships of their own.

That said, the question remains: I mean, what do most people wish for in their life? For most people, this is a definite. So why deny someone else the same dreams? However, this is what is encouraged, or at least not discouraged, in the K-pop sphere. K-pop is marketed on fantasy , further than just the alien, vampire and werewolf concepts, where fans are encouraged to create a emotional connection with artists, seeing them as their everything.


Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer.

SM have begun to demythologise SNSD, and because of that, they are letting the relationship between SNSD as image and SNSD the K-pop group break down. By screwing up SNSD’s comeback they lost the image of success that the group depends on to stay appealing.

In case you dont know, S. Because “they are close to the oppas that you wanna marry. Meanwhile, SNSD MVs are usually filled with closeups of the girls doing cute things, like running around under a mushroom in Alice costumes or popping up with cute expressions go to 1: Except in Into the New World, there’s not much of a coherent story. How can they call themselves pretty if they all had plastic surgeries? But that’s not the real reason for me to hate them.

I don’t mind people running around acting like they r the most cutest thing ever or people that care ’bout their looks more or people doesn’t have brain whatoever. These belong here say the horrible truth of them all: Shinhwa fans were enraged that SNSD could be so disrespectful of their seniors, especially to Shinhwa, a legendary idol group that has amassed immense popularity for the past 10 years in the industry.

SNSD members were forced to personally apologize to Junjin. Here’s the clip starts at 2:


Although eldest among members, she acts like a Maknae 2. Taeng is from the southern part of Korea. Her parents own an eye glasses shop. She can speak Chinese.

Tiffany has been known as one of the most popular members in SNSD, and, of course, she is also popular among male celebrities. Since , Tiffany has been suspected of dating AOMG’s rapper Gray. An unknown person told the reporter, “I often saw the two of them sharing thoughts on music.

This insider reminds me so much of the numbered insider Fewer gaps in her english – I’d say this one is a westerner. Slightly less cryptic but still I don’t care whether their fake or not – it’s still disappointing when you end up knowing more information than them. I’m a South Korean – just lived in English speaking countries pretty much my entire teenage years. Even if I simply say that they just ping my gaydar, they go nuts. Most of the ones getting offended are probably bitter straight trolls, I don’t know, but they never get moderated.

They’ve never been and never will be.

Is this the end for Girls’ Generation

Inbddad videoTaeyeon and Junsu are rumoured that they are dating each other. Anonymous May 15, at 2: Love u so much,wish to see u physically kang so ra,wish to watch u and ok taecyon to play the lead role,take care. Lee Seung gi would you like to serial drama with Lee Seung gi?

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is yoona (snsd) dating micky (dbsk)

If you are very new to Korean culture and if you find this list overwhelming then we recommend that you watch atleast the top 5 dramas that we have shortlisted and let us know what you think.. And even if that is too much for you then we recommend that you watch at the least? The creme de la creme of most powerful families from Korea , these spoiled, rebellious, flirtatious and cruel boys rule the school. Enter Jan Di, a girl of humble upbringing who is accepted into Shin Hwa on a swimming scholarship after accidentally saving the life of a Shin Hwa student.

Not one for following the rules blindly, Jan Di faces immediate scrutiny from the entire school and in particular the boys of the Flower Four and their leader, Goo Jun Pyo Lee Min Ho , who dislikes her instantly.

Picture of each others dating announcements top. Their born to seen the oldest member in groups unde.

Apparently they had a huge fight in the past around and suddenly stopped talking to eachother. Their moments have been awkward ever since and while i do appreciate the fact that Jessica tries to get Taeyeon’s attention, i think she should stop. If Taeyeon doesn’t want to be friends with her again, then it probably means Jessica was the one who caused their misunderstanding in the first place. Maybe Taeyeon will never forget Jessica. Yeah, i noticed that they seem less awkward this year and they seem to speak with eachother again.

But tbh, i know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but i think SM forced them to do this.

TOP 50 FACTS about Girls’ Generation