Setting the timing using a light

I actually had to do what rb25drag is talking about to get an accurate timing reading on my motor. When I used the loop wire I got invalid readings Here is the reason. Most if not all modern timing lights are set to trigger from the HIGH tension lead. This means the spark plug wire itself on the secondary side of the coil. However on the RB the loop back wire is actually on the LOW tension side of the coil pack controlled through the ignitor.

How to Use a Timing Light

If they’re worn or hard to see, you might want to mark them with a bit of white paint so they’re easier to see. You don’t want to be hunting for them later while you’re struggling to get everything lined up. All you need is a test light and a socket or wrench the size of the socket will depend on your specific engine. A test light is a small hand-held tool that resembles a screwdriver with wires coming from the end. One of the wires is hooked up to the power source of whatever is being tested in the case of engine timing, it is usually the distributor and the other wire provides ground.

You won’t need a dial back timing light to use it (they’re expensive for a really good one) and you won’t have to start “guessing” once the timing mark on the balancer starts “crawling up behind the water pump”, off the top of the range of stock timing marks.

Whenever I hear a new sound that I was not supposed to hear, or one of the lights go on, I usually roll my eyes and sigh as if the whole sky is going to come down. I assume that you know the feeling. However, some issues may be a little easier to fix than you think, which is why as a car owner, you should have some basic diagnostics and measurement tools in your garage. One of them is a liming light, also known as a stroboscope.

What is a timing light? It is a small device that you can use to fine tune the spark fire from the spark plug. If you use the device correctly, you can ensure that your engine will function perfectly and efficiently, and at the end of the day, that is what we all want. Now, a timing light may fix the ignition timing, but it cannot do much else. There are models out there that come with some extra features, but we will get to that in a minute.

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Back to Frequently asked questions i Timing Timing your engine is not difficult and the results will astound you for the improvements afforded other problems from idle settings to optimum mileage. It is assumed that you have already performed the Ljetronic Throttle Body Adjustment. All you need to do the job is a timing light and a 10 mm wrench.

A reasonably competent friend is a good idea for increasing amusing banter and decreasing the time you ‘ ll otherwise spend running around the front bumper adjusting the distributor and checking the results with the timing light.

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Timing Light connections

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Jan 15,  · I think that the reason for a timing light is that it allows you to see if your timing is perfect. When you time your engine without a timing light, you use your eyes to see when the points start to break. long the points are opened. The dwell angle on a L is 42 degrees, start out by setting your points to “, then hook up the dwell.

Hook up the timing light , and either spin the engine spark plug removed, but grounded so it sparks with a power drill or have a buddy pedal it, and make a mark on the engine case or something stationary where the line you drew shows up. You now know that the spark will always fire when the line on the flywheel matches up to the line you drew on the case. You may want to at this point, hold the two lines together, and draw two more lines in a more convenient place, as they may wind up being on the bottom, but don’t forget to erase the old lines so as not to get them confused.

Some people don’t realize that the little pointy bit that sicks out from the bottom of the calipers is a ‘depth gauge’, as depicted in the goofy image below. Be sure that your crankshaft is in a position in which the piston is backed away from TDC a bit, and don’t forget which way your engine turns, as you could wind up with terribly retarded timing. The base of the calipers should be resting flush against the cylinder head, and try to maintain perpendicularity as if you hold them at an angle, your reading will be off.

Assuming you opened the calipers enough, pressing the base of the calipers against the plug hole should force them to close a bit. On a French engine like a Motobecane or Peugeot, this is easily accomplished by simply holding on to the external clutch bell, but on an internally clutched engine, you will need to use the flywheel itself to rotate the engine.

You should see the reading on the calipers dropping, and as the piston rises, the rate of change on the calipers will shrink. Watch the numbers fall, and when they no longer change at all, you have found TDC. You may want to repeat this process one or two times just to make sure, as if you rotated past TDC the numbers still will not change and your piston will begin to fall.

It is a tricky process and the only way to get it right is with patience and focus.

How do you hook up timing light on a Chevrolet and how can you test your light to know its good

First, please try to use proper punctuation. It makes your post easier to read. As far as the timing issue goes, you really need a light. Go to Harbor Freight, or order from them online. Timing should be adjusted with the bolts on the distributor. There is a 10mm bolt in the front and an 8mm bolt in the back.

Aug 30,  · You actually have to pull the cam sprocket off, rotate the gear, and hook it back up to adjust cam timing. If you did this and weren’t aware of what you were doing, theres a 99% chance that you would have lost the tensioner and wouldn’t have been able to get the sprocket back on the cam.

Timing belt changes – some useful tips Toothed rubber timing belts were used on many Land Rovers through the s and 90s, including Defender 2. However they will eventually break if not changed, and this will do a lot of damage to the engine. So belt changes are not something you can just ignore. With garages charging anywhere from to or even more for a belt change, it is possible to save a fair bit of money by doing it yourself, but the procedure isn’t always as straightforward as the workshop manual suggests.

This page is not intended to replace the workshop manual instructions, but to provide a bit of additional information which will help you do the job right first time. It goes without saying that the job should be done properly. Just replacing the belt and not the tensioner and idler is a false economy: Leaking oil seals on the crankshaft or camshaft will soak the belt in oil and reduce its life. And if the belt tension is set incorrectly, the belt will have a short life and other components such as the injection pump may be damaged as well.

Having said which, changing the timing belt on these engines is a lot easier than on many cars, and well within the capabilities of any competent DIY mechanic. I sell comprehensive timing belt kits through my web shop which will provide you with all the seals, gaskets, O rings etc that you need to do the job properly. There is a good reason for this: It is sometimes possible to loosen the bolt by putting the vehicle in gear and getting an assistant to stand on the brakes while you heave on the breaker bar normal thread on the bolt by the way – anticlockwise to loosen.

How to Hook Up a Timing Light

This is on our ’04 Honda CR-V, at , miles. This is especially surprising as that dealer had just replaced timing chain and tensioner 2 years ago, under an unspecified “service bulletin”, as no-cost warranty repair also they were unaware they had done this until I checked my invoice file and told them. As a former mech engineer, I cannot buy the “stretched chain” hypothesis.

A simple and readily available tool, the timing light can enable you to check this integral setting on your vehicle from your very own one-car garage. To start the process, the crankshaft pulls the piston away from the cylinder head, essentially the base of operations for combustion.

Over torque of the spindle nut will lead to a very hot bearing very quickly. Duane But here’s the exact instruction from X Tighten castilated nut figure 17 to ft. Many references I’ve seen recommend 0. Checker had all the parts in stock and were cheaper than AutoZone. When you look closely at the inside bearings you see “Mexico” on them!! The outside bearings are made in Germany.

They have two different seals using the same number.

Ignition Timing

Your timing must be at the correct setting for your car to perform at top level, affecting the speed and efficiency at which the engine fires. You can adjust your car’s timing with a timing light and a set of wrenches, tools available at any auto parts store. Steps Understanding Ignition Timing 1 Learn if your car needs to be adjusted or not. Modern cars that are controlled by electronic ignitions don’t need to have their timing adjusted, but old-style 4-stroke engines require that the timing be adjusted periodically to optimize the efficiency of the engine, making sure that the spark fires at the appropriate moment in the ignition cycle.

Start the engine and use the timing light to observe the timing marks. With the jumper wire in the check connector the timing should be to specifications (refer to underhood emission sticker as necessary) with the engine fully warmed up (at correct idle speed) and the transmission in correct position.

Ignition Timing Timing dynamically is fairly simple and is the best way to time your engine. Static timing is good for a baseline adjustment, but real accuracy requires a timing light. The first step to setting your timing is to adjust your valves. Valve adjusting is to be done on a stone cold engine and is a topic for another procedure, but John Muir explains well how to do it in his Idiot book. If you have a ’78 or later Bus with hydraulic valve lifters, you can skip this step.

Once that’s done, you need to adjust your points. NEVER set the timing before setting the point gap. Changing the point gap changes the timing. Once that’s done, you can proceed to set your idle speed.

Ignition timing for CDI

Solution found for cyl head temp problem Hi all, Mark ES here Scott asked me to outline the procedure to set the secondary timing to the primary. As Scott stated it takes two to do this and a good inductive timing light also. You need the tools to do the adjustment. A small allen wrench to loosen the secondary pick up coils and an allen wrench to adjust the timing magnet. First make the marks on your prop hub the same way you would for static timing.

Mar 02,  · If you are really brave you can rev the engine up to around RPM or more and see if you get degrees of mechanical from the distributor itself, same process, advance your light and see if TDC comes around.

Car Year, Make, Model: Next, bump the starter untill you feel compression coming up in that cylinder, and watch the timing mark on the harmonic balancer. Don’t let the timing mark go past the 12 o’clock position straight above centerline of crankshaft Take your big old johnson bar and turn the engine untill the timing mark is dead nuts at 12 o’clock position. This is purely a bit of “trial and error” but it must be right, or that engine aint never going to run.

If that happens, pull the distributor back out, reach into the motor and tweak the position of the oilpump slot, and try again. When everything lines up, the distributor will fit down tight against the gasket gee I hope you remembered to put the gasket on first. Install the rest of the sparkplug wires, remebering that the rotor turns clockwise, and that the firing order is stamped on the centerhead. Install the distributor hold down clamp, and tighten the clamp hold down bolt untill the distributor can just be turned by hand.

If equipped with one, unplug the vacuum advance and plug the hose with a pencil or something, and start the engine. If you are lucky, and the engine fires o.

How to Adjust Timing?