The Blockchain Has Inaugurated A Golden Age Of Criminality

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A person claiming to organise these scams got in touch with BI after our first report. He argues that manipulation is “everywhere” and says it’s “a game. Nico — the name he gave Business Insider — used to play the stock market but he has increasingly favoured cryptocurrency markets in recent years. Opportunities to make easy money. Nico claims to run one of the groups on messaging app Telegram that are used to coordinate the buying activity.

He has been trading in cryptocurrency markets for two and a half years and estimates he’s made “hundreds and thousands” in profit.

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Stock Room: How to Spot a Pump and Dump

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A sucker list is a list of people who have previously been successfully solicited for something.. The major areas of sucker lists are solicitation of donations and fraud.. An early example of sucker lists made public is given in the November 18, issue of Time Magazine in an article about the United States Senate probing into one lobbyist.. People who become victims of, for example, a.

Such spam emails are known as pump-and-dump, and the technique relies on sending large quantities of spam to drive interest up towards a particular penny stock. Necurs pushes cryptocurrencies for the first time Necurs, a spam botnet believed to have millions of bots, has been known to engage in pump-and-dump spam campaigns for years, being one of its primary activities, besides spreading the Dridex banking trojan, and several ransomware families. What caught our eye and the attention of several security researchers was the fact that Necurs started promoting a cryptocurrency this week, instead of the usual low-end penny stocks that it got us accustomed to.

In a private conversation with Bleeping Computer, Derek, the security researcher behind the MyOnlineSecurity blog, confirmed to us that this was, indeed, the first time Necurs has promoted a cryptocurrency via one of its infamously large spam campaigns. Necurs pushing Swisscoin The cryptocurrency in question is Swisscoin, an altcoin that’s been described as a Multi-Level-Marketing MLM ponzi scheme in a report last year, and for which trading was recently suspended.

Trading resumed on January 15, the same day the Necurs spam started spreading.

CMV: Men only pump and dump low

While you may be familiar with the Pump and Dump, many investors are especially naive about the Dump and Pump, and not much is written about it either. As an extraordinary investor, you will not be a victim of a Pump and Dump or even a Dump and Pump penny stock scam; rather, you will likely already be invested in exceptionally fine unnoticed companies that marketeers will soon target for such promotions or demotions.

Here is how the Pump and Dump scheme works: Such buying is done a little at a time over a period of weeks, but usually months, so as not to make the share prices trend up too high.

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February 15, The Customer Protection Advisory , which was published by the chief US market regulator on Thursday, urges investors to conduct their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies, particularly ones that have small market caps and illiquid markets. The bulletin detailed how groups of traders orchestrate pump-and-dump schemes intended to manipulate the price of individual cryptocurrencies, often through the use of fraudulent tactics such as spreading inaccurate or misleading news reports on social media.

These scams, the CFTC explained, are not new, but they often take advantage of the hype surrounding nascent technologies. However, it does have a mandate to investigate fraud and market manipulation, authority which extends to cryptocurrency exchanges. Christopher Giancarlo — who won the hearts of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts with his opening statement at a recent US Senate hearing — has advised legislators that any new federal regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges should be carefully tailored to address specific risks in the spot markets.

Republican CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz, meanwhile, has encouraged industry participants to adopt self-regulatory standards and best practices, even as legislators and regulators are considering whether the present state of the cryptocurrency markets warrants more formal oversight at the federal level. Featured image from Shutterstock. Follow us on Telegram or subscribe to our newsletter here.

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Scenarios[ edit ] Pump and dump schemes may take place on the Internet using an e-mail spam campaign, through media channels via a fake press release, or through telemarketing from ” boiler room ” brokerage houses such as that dramatized in the film Boiler Room. Promoters may also post messages in chat rooms or stock message boards such as ADVFN , urging readers to buy the stock quickly.

The increased demand, price, and trading volume of the stock may convince more people to believe the hype, and to buy shares as well. When the promoters behind the scheme sell dump their shares and stop promoting the stock, the price plummets, and other investors are left holding a stock that is worth significantly less than they paid for it. Fraudsters frequently use this ploy with small, thinly traded companies—known as ” penny stocks ,” generally traded over-the-counter in the United States, this would mean markets such as the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets , rather than markets such as the New York Stock Exchange NYSE or NASDAQ —because it is easier to manipulate a stock when there is little or no independent information available about the company.

Feb 02,  · 50 Cent was busily sending out Twitter messages to his million followers last weekend, but he wasn’t touting music. He was touting penny stocks.

The “breezy, intimate messages” sound as if a woman caller believes she has mistakenly dialled a girlfriend and is confiding inside information she has learned from “that hot stock exchange guy I’m dating“. The scam message goes on to say that the stock price of certain small, thinly traded companies will soon shoot up. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has received hundreds of complaints from investors who’ve been conned by the voicemails.

Regulators believe these messages are part of a “pump and dump” stock manipulation scheme, with those behind them chahsing in by driving up the price of their targeted stocks, then selling, and leaving victims with losses. I couldn’t find your old number and Tammy says this is the new one. I hope it’s the right one. Anyway, remember that hot stock exchange guy that I’m dating? He gave my father that stock tip on the company that went from under a buck to like three bucks in two weeks and you were mad I didn’t call you?

Well I’m calling you now! This new company is supposed to be like the next really hot clothing thing. And they’re making some big news announcement this week.


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Verge Conspiracy Pump and Dump?